Hello and welcome to my blog! Make yourself at home while I will try to get you to know me in some words…

I live and am driven by sound. I am not quite sure exactly how and when this happened but it’s here in me somehow. I started as sound recordist and sound editor on a few short-film for friends. Between infinite readings of inspiring articles and literature, film watching and some game-playing, I continue living my dream of realising many ideas and explore different approaches to sound.

Two and a half years ago I moved do Stockholm where I am seasonally working with sound location for film and tv and post-sound for short films. During time off from that, I do a lot of field recording – an activity that has been resonating a lot with me. I want to take it everywhere, to everyone, learn the world through it and show the world through it.

During my other free time, I like learning about physics, history, science and music, run in the forest and ride the bike. I watch films (ah!). The most recent was XINGU CARIRI CARUARU CARIOCA – SAO LUIZ  and at home I re-watched M. Night Shyamalan‘ Unbreakable.

Why this blog? Sometimes, I feel the urge to share my thoughts on sound stuffs and I would be very glad if someone finds it useful. This site aims to cover a bunch of matters that will probably be interesting for any sound designer (I hope), from sound film impressions to ideas about field recording. Above all, it is a personal insight.

You can listen to some of my recordings on SoundCloud.

For a better navigation on this blog, I recommend browsing in the Categories menu on the left.

Want to work together? Drop a question or a comment? I´d love to hear from you!

15 responses to “About

  1. Hi Melissa! I really appreciate the passion you put down in words. It’s contagious! Keep up with the great blog and the shameless show off 🙂
    From Lisboa, Vasco

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  3. Hey!
    I found your blog when googeling the basics of sound design. (completely lost in how all of this works) I’m a visual artis with bad ears, or, maybe until now I’ve been too occupied with looking that I just missed out of remembering and cherishing sounds. For long now I just felt a bit distressed when it comes to my own video works and sound, and actually I think it took me over a year to understand that this is what is missing.
    Anyways, I read your post on field recording in Stockholm, as an swede living abroad i completely agree with your analasys of cities and sounds. Well, I’ll keep on reading! And I hope you’ll keep on writing.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment and for taking your time to read this blog. It feels that there is something missing in many video works but not everyone realises what it is. I could recommend you the book Sound Design by David Sonnenschein (http://tinyurl.com/jmmu6rn) if you´d like to dig further into this. See you!

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I’ve just read Paul Virostek’s profile piece about you and found this blog for the first time. You have some really interesting articles, and I look forward to following your activity!

    I was also interested to read that you’re from Porto, as I was there for a holiday last week. It’s a beautiful city and I managed to make a small quantity of binaural recordings while I was there.

    All the best.

    • Hi, Ollie! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comment and reading the blog. There will be some development in the content this year, some of it soon. What a coincidence you have been in Porto! Do you have your recordings online? It would be so interesting to listen.

  5. Exellent! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed so I’ll follow your updates as they come.

    I’ve uploaded the recordings to Soundcloud and will be publishing them over the next few weeks I think. I didn’t make very many this time as I was with a group of friends for most of the trip.

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