Hey, there!

This post will be very short. Between infinite little projects on my own, I am now proudly working with Sérgio Miguel Silva, on his documentary Iterance.

For this documentary I am recording a considerable dose of field recordings and it has been great so far!

We also launched a campaign on Indiegogo, so please make sure you visit the page and help us. So I can make field recordings in Berlin. :) And who knows if I can share a sound or two. :)


And also, I am working on a new game, after searching and finding a small but very good team – Titan Forged Games – I joined them a couple of months ago as sound designer. I am very very very happy to say that, besides this team being very open to new ideas for sound and to actually put them in practice, we just started using fmod studio in out first game, Slinki! And I am so happy!

I will soon write about this with my team mate Nuno, who is a programmer, composer, and also sound designer.



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