Understanding the cognitive processes of emotions is a key tool for designing sound. Here Sonnenschein tells why fear is usually easier to convey than humor.

Sound Design For Pros

Garath Wood (gswood92@googlemail.com) asks:

The title of my dissertation, ‘In Motion Picture, are some emotions harder to convey through sound than others?,’ arose due to the conclusion that me and my peers came to; that most of the writings and teachings on sound design that we had studied so far focused on inducing more negative emotions of fear and tension on the audience, for example some of the most written about films in terms of sound design are often sci-fi or action films that require this kind of impact. Why do you think that may be?
A lot of my coursework has required that I study the sound of such films, so perhaps this has led me to this train of thought, but having started to look at neurology for this dissertation and I have found that again, the negative emotions are too, far more established in writings. Do you think…

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