Playable Decagons / MaxMSP

This fun sound toy was done by the end of my 6th and last semester at school, in the Music Production and Technology BA.

Until then, my experience with MaxMSP resorted to control a Reaktor’s patch with a PS II gamepad (oh well it was a piece of work),  but being interested in interactive sound and music, as soon as I saw 3D objects being able to be manipulated I knew where it would led me.

The way the user moves the decagons  determines how will they generate midi: how loud, how fast and how it will run up and down in the scale.  The program controls are independent to each one.

The patch below is the blue decagon; it functions like the other but the program change (pgmout) also works randomly. Just for fun, it can change color if we control it with ctrl or alt, allowing it to move back and forth or sideways.

The vocoder was made from this brilliant tutorial: by dude837.


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